Here are some words. And here are a few more. And just for good measure…a website full of them. This is a homepage, not to be confused with the about page which includes an awkward introduction to who I (the writer) am at any given moment. The truth is, I didn’t like how the website looked when it showed recent posts, so I opted for a “static page” before fully thinking through the fact that the static page would need some sort of content. I could have filled it with stock images, or maybe a picture of a potato. But this is my writer’s website, so words make more sense.


I thought about writing with a theme on this site. I’m guessing the SEO algorithms would prefer that, and I’d show up earlier on Google results. Is that how it works? Anyways, I considered writing on specific topics for a long time. Religion and mental health were the ones I kept going back to. I’ve always been interested in psychology and spirituality–I know plenty of arbitrary facts about the occult, strange mental disorders, and other tidbits that would be sure to interest somebody. But I also enjoy young adult fantasy novels, and true crime, and writing flash fiction based around bad puns. This site is essentially me throwing my hands up and accepting that content is content, and that writing is better than not writing.

That said, I take what I write seriously. The pieces I post here, no matter how connected or random, are things I am passionate about, topics I’ve spent too much time mulling over. From unsolved murders to silly satires about vampire detectives, I put effort into everything I write–in the hopes that I will continue improving my craft and, hopefully, create things that other people enjoy.  That should be enough for a homepage, yeah?