I’m never sure how to begin these things, so I’ll start simply. Hello, how are you?

I am another aspiring author on the internet, complete with short stories, a young adult novel in the editing stages, a collection of brooding poetry, and a penchant for research into obscure topics. I love learning about weird things like the occult, world religions, and folklore, true crime, and the history of psychiatric practices over the years.

I also have a Bachelor of Arts in English, a failed career in illustration, and I’m working on transitioning to the publishing industry as an editor and writing guest articles for blogs.

If you’re recruiting for either of those, you can find my contact information below. I promise I’m detail-oriented and proficient in the Chicago Manual of Style, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and some other relevant skills. My official writing portfolio can be accessed on https://clarerushing.writerfolio.com/.

I love to write. Always have, since scribbling my name in my mother’s books and on her bookshelf in permanent marker. My parents bought me my first notebook and my peers typecast me as a writer in elementary school, offering plenty of suggestions for what I should write next. It ended up keeping me from pursuing a career in archaeology (I had a little kit with makeup brushes and regularly searched out rocks by the train tracks for my “excavations” when I was 8), but that’s okay.

My interests are varied, so chances are if we talk long enough, we’ll find common ground. I enjoy meeting new people but, like most writers, never know how to start a conversation. There’s a good chance I’ll respond to any comments you leave me on my posts, and you’re welcome to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram (even Linkedin, if you must).

If you like what you read here and want to see more posts on strange history, writing tips, personal revelations, short stories and flash fiction, and thoughts on mental illness, feel free to follow the madness.

That’s all for now.